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Residential Computer Services

Snap-O-Byte is here to take care of all your computer needs. Having trouble with your desktop, laptop, or tablet computer? Pick up the phone and call Snap-O-Byte. Our technician will assist you over the phone, on-site, or you may bring your computer to us.



Our computer services include:

 Snap-O-Byte Computer Services Sacramento
Computer Setup

  • Let us install that new computer for you. We’ll make sure up and ready to go and make the most out of your brand new computer.
 Snap-O-Byte Computer Services Sacramento
Hardware Installation, Troubleshooting, Repair, and Upgrades

  • Want to upgrade your computer memory? Let us suggest the right hardware for your computer and install it. We’ll troubleshoot and tell you exactly what needs to be repaired or replaced.
 Snap-O-Byte Computer Services Sacramento
Software Installation and Troubleshooting

  • Some software can be a hassle to install or may not work the way we want it to. We will troubleshoot the problem and resolve it for you.
Snap-O-Byte Computer Services Sacramento
Internet/Email Setup and How-to’s

  • Having trouble installing that router from your ISP? Let us install it for you and setup your email. We will even teach you how to get on the web and email like a pro.
 Snap-O-Byte Computer Services Sacramento
Virus Protection and Internet Security

  • Internet security is a important feature to have on every computer. Let us protect your computer with the most effective security software and configurations.
 Snap-O-Byte Computer Services Sacramento
Virus, Spyware, and Malware Removal

  • Got virus? We can remove it and bring your computer back to life.
 Snap-O-Byte Computer Services Sacramento

  • Let us connect all of your computers into a simple and easy to manage network. With a home network all of your computers can talk, share files, music, and movies with each other.
 Snap-O-Byte Computer Services Sacramento
PC Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Let us schedule a routine maintenance to help keep your computer running like new.
 Snap-O-Byte Computer Services Sacramento
Customer Training

  • Want to learn more about computers? We’re here to help. We can show and teach you in simple terms of how to use, protect, and be safe when using your computer.

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