Remote Support

Remote Support Service:

With remote support you do not have to bring your computer to us or call for on-site support. Snap-O-Byte tech can securely remote to the computer that you need help with and perform a diagnosis, remove viruses/adware/spyware, and install requested software.

Remote support hours of operation:
Weekday: 4.30PM – 11PM (PST)
Weekend: 7AM – 11PM (PST)

Requesting remote support is very easy. Simply follow the steps below and a tech will be with you when available.


Step 1: Download and Run the following remote support program:


Step 2: The remote support program will automatically generate an ID and Password. Once you have the ID and Password, you would then contact Snap-O-Byte by filling the form below. Snap-O-Byte tech will contact you when available.

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